jerry zollman

My name is Jerry Zollman. I was raised in Crothersville, a small town in Indiana. I married young and started a family at 17 years old. I worked as a brick layer and shade tree mechanic to pay bills until I got a good job at a local engine company where I worked for 30 years and retried in 2003. My mother Larue Zollman was one of the best country singers I have ever heard. She and my uncle E.J.Couch used to play every chance they got and inspired me to get involved in music. Even though they played Country music they always encouraged me to do what I felt and believed in. Over the years I've played with some great country bands such as Jimmy Lee Pro and the Country Boys where I experienced my first studio work, but always had the itch of Rock-in-Roll and Blues. I was a drummer for most of my younger years and played with some good local bands, but started playing guitar when I decided to start writing my original songs. I have played in some really small rough bars and some large venues and it was a lot of fun. There's a lot of stories to be told so I decided to start recording and stay out of the bars. I strive to tell stories and I want you to hear the words and feel the story. I hope you enjoy my style. Thank you Jerry Zollman